Financial Crisis: 'Zim Highlanders FC for Sale'

Zimbabwe's Highlanders FC is on the verge of being sold to a Bindira businessperson, according to an online publication. 

If the deal sails through, it will likely anger thousands of supporters.

On Friday, there where press reports indicating that the club was moving swiftly to avert a takeover by cash barons.
Highlanders is up for 'Grabs' 

Speculation is also rife within media circles. The club leadership agreed to a constitutional reform to block the sale of the team's shares to the general public.

The amendment comes into effect in January 2017. The imminent sale of Highlanders comes amid reports that the club is in a financial mess.

According to the Chronicle, an emergency meeting with life members at the clubhouse has been called this Saturday afternoon.

Board of directors finance committee chairman Davies Ndumiso Sibanda said the meeting was called to brief life members on the financial situation as well as find solutions to rescue the club.

"This meeting, which is rather informal, is meant to inform life members that the club is facing serious financial challenges and that we need to find urgent solutions to save Highlanders Football Club," said Sibanda. - Online Sources 


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