Jady Duarte: 5 Interesting Facts on Bolt's Rio Woman

Usain Bolt, 30, and Jady Duarte, 20, met at a celebration for this birthday, and slept together shortly after. 

After Jady shared photos of their encounter with friends with a private messaging app, the pics leaked and the affair went viral.

Here are five things to know about the student who spent a night with the nine-time Olympic gold medallist.

Jady didn’t know Usain Bolt 
Rio outlet Extra obtained an interview with Jady, and she told the paper that she didn’t recognize the athlete at first. 
Jady Duarte 

“At the time [I] did not even know it was him, because [there] were many Jamaicans,” Jady said. (After Usain saw her in the club, he sent security to talk to her.) 

“It was not a big deal. It was normal…I’d rather not talk about it, to not complicate[it],” she added. By the time they slept together, though, she was aware of his identity.

Jady is the widow of a drug lord
Jady is the widow of Douglas Donato Pereira — known as Diná Terror — a notorious drug lord who was killed in a shootout with police in March 2016. 

Police say that among other crimes, Pereira tortured and murdered two teenaged girls, and fronted the narcotics trade in Northern Rio. 

Prior to his death, Pereira would post photos of himself on social media, posing with guns and boasting about how he was the “terror of policeman”. 

He also referred to himself as the Lord of War. Police eventually tracked him down in his home, and he was killed in a shootout.

Jady has two children by Pereira
Their names, ages and whereabouts are unknown, but Extra reports that Jady has two children from her marriage to Pereira.

Jady posted a tribute on social media, lamenting his absence
“In eternity, I will be with my love the way I always wanted, because in heaven all the time is time to be happy,” she wrote on Facebook. 

“God will take you in, it’s my hope that in eternity I will see you.” She also posted photos of her and Pereira together on Instagram.

Jady’s night with Usain was revealed via WhatsApp
Jady texted photos of her and Usain in bed to friends using WhatsApp, and of course, the pics have since leaked. 

“I just sent it to the group of my girlfriends,” she told Extra about the photos of them kissing and cuddling. “I sent and said, ‘[Only those who] saw the Olympics will know who [he] is.” - Online Sources  


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