S.ex Assault: Namibian, Moroccan Boxers Arrested in Rio

Jonas Junius (22) has been arrested by Brazilian police on suspicion of trying to s.exually assault a maid.

According to the BBC, the Namibian boxer tried to grab and kiss the maid in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic village. The unnamed woman also claimed that Junius offered her money for sex.

Junius is supposed to represent his country in the light-welterweight division. It is unclear whether he will now be able to, following his arrest. He will be detained for 15 days while investigations continue.
Flag Bearer: Namibian Boxer was Arrested in Brazil 

At the Olympic Games opening ceremony on Friday, Junius carried Namibia’s flag.

Junius is the second boxer to be arrested for alleged sexual assault. According to reports, a Moroccan boxer was arrested last week for allegedly assaulting two female cleaners.
Last week, a Moroccan boxer was arrested by police after allegedly assaulting two female cleaners. A Brazilian judge has ordered Hassan Saada to be detained for 15 days, pending an investigation, media reports said.

This could mean Saada is unable to take part in the Games. Junius, Namibia's flag-bearer in the opening ceremony last Friday, is scheduled to fight French boxer Hassan Anzille on 11 August.

But that could also be in doubt if he has to remain in custody. Athletes from 206 nations and a refugee team are in Brazil to compete in 28 sports. They will be watched by a global audience of billions.

 The build-up has been dominated by a Russian doping scandal, the Zika virus and issues with the city's security, infrastructure and venues. - Online Sources 


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