Tyson Fury: Depressed, took Cocaine, Suicide Attempt, Losing Licence

This week world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, 28, revealed he wants to kill himself and that he took cocaine.

Even though uncle and trainer Peter has not spoken to him for weeks, he is furious his nephew has been taken advantage of by unscrupulous mates.

And despite the glaring hypocrisy of being a convicted drug baron himself, Peter, 48, said: “I don’t know who Tyson socialises with. But I want to know who was there from the beginning.

“If anybody has been with my nephew and they have been doing things, helping him along, getting him drunk every night and sniffing cocaine — as he claims — then they need to look at themselves in the mirror.

“These people need to say ‘I am no friend of Tyson Fury. What I am is a complete t****r’. They are helping a world champion to destruct himself when he is not well.
Tyson Fury Under Serious Spotlight 

“In the mood I am in now, if anybody comes near who has been doing that, then they won’t get off the car park. I am not amused with anybody who has assisted him to do stupid things like that.

“If somebody has Tyson’s interests at heart, then they would never be in his company and let him do that, would they? “The bottom line is that he has no friends. He has only his family who has helped him from day dot to get to where he is.”

Fury ended Wladimir Klitschko’s 11-year reign at the top of the heavyweight division last November.

But he has since pulled out of two rematches with the Ukrainian. And over the past few months, his life has unravelled. The Gypsy King was banned by the UK anti-doping authorities in June over taking the steroid nandrolone.

Fury denied it, appealed, had the suspension lifted and said he would sue them over the accusations. But now it is expected the British Boxing Board of Control will revoke his licence next week anyway over his cocaine use.

And he is poised to be stripped of his WBA and WBO world title belts. Peter, speaking in his only interview on the BaylorIC TV Boxing channel on YouTube, said: “It is a disaster what has happened to him. It is almost like his head has fallen off.

“This is somebody who has self-imploded. It’s like he has put a grenade in his pocket and blown off his arms and legs. What has gone on is off the Richter scale of ridiculousness.”

Mentor Peter is annoyed that Rolling Stone magazine arranged the interview that broke the story without the family’s knowledge, taking advantage of Tyson’s fragile state. But he backed his star pupil to return to training after Christmas and even resume his career in 2017.

He added: “Tyson is an exceptional talent and a lovely young man as well. I feel heartily sorry for him. You couldn’t wish for a nicer fellow. He would do anything for you.

“At least Tyson now realises he needs help and he is getting help. I just hope to God people leave this lad alone. After the treatment and after a long rest, he will be back and firing on all cylinders.”

While Fury has hit rock bottom his former amateur team-mate George Groves believes it could be the best thing that ever happened to him.

World super-middleweight title contender ‘the Saint’ said: “After winning the title Tyson was probably hoping for that bit of recognition and for people to side with him.

“But he didn’t get that so he has gone into self-destruct mode since. It might take hitting rock bottom to start the recovery, to give him something to be hungry for. So it might be a blessing really.”

“After the treatment and after a long rest, he will be back and firing on all cylinders.” - The Sun 


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